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Giornali come beni di lusso

Pezzo sul New Yorker a sostegno di quanto discusso in Triennale: i giornali hanno un futuro come luxury goods.

A supporto di quanto detto in Triennale nello scorso weekend riguardo al futuro dei giornali (qui un mio tentativo di resoconto), interessante articolo oggi sul New Yorker firmato da John Cassidy, leggetelo se vi interessa il tema. Si intitola: “Newspapers as Luxury Goods: Murdoch and Sulzberger Have More in Common Than It Appears” e questa frase ne riassume bene il senso:

With further jobs cuts to come at the Journal—as well as at the Times, most probably—it’s all pretty depressing. Well, perhaps not quite all. The age of newspapers as cheap, mass-market goods—the throbbing pulse of any city worth the name—is fast disappearing. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no future for upscale publications like the Times and the Journal—or the Financial Times, or any other publishing entity that can engage the attention of people with plenty of disposable income. Once they get through a wrenching transition, such titles could well enjoy a prosperous future, but it will be a somewhat smaller and, for some, less uplifting future: the newspaper (in print, tablet, or online form) as a luxury good.