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Florida (anche) su The Atlantic

Richard Florida, il guru della Creative Class, racconta la sua visione del sogno americano su The Atlantic.

Americans are dreaming new dreams and making new choices, when it comes to choosing where and how they want to live. More and more, they’re choosing not to go further out so they can get bigger houses set on bigger lots.
The ideal home today is located closer to the workplace and mass transportation and in a neighborhood that’s denser and mixed use, with amenities and businesses–parks, pharmacies, grocery stores, doctors offices, schools, restaurants–that can be walked to.

Una buona lettura per il weekend. E, a proposito di buone letture, sempre Richard Florida ci racconta la sua visione del sogno europeo (che è un po’ diverso dal sogno americano, evviva Dio!) proprio sul numero di Studio che trovate in edicola.