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Day 2 – Wednesday April 9th

Some relevant milanesi offer tips for what visitors absolutely must do with their days at Salone del Mobile 2014


9. Pasticceria Cucchi
corso Genova, 1

Cucchi, located at the beginning of Corso Genova, is a café and pastry shop, and it is one of my favorite spots to have breakfast. I really like the fact that,
among the historical pastry shops of Milan, they were the only one able to keep an authentic atmosphere, in spite of the recent enlargement works. Coffee
and cappuccino are simply delightful, and the choice of sweet and savoury products is excellent. Welcoming atmosphere with a touch of Milanese
snobbery, a pleasant space at the heart of the old Milan.
Silvia Negri
Owner of Negri Firman Pr Agency

Focus on: Pasticceria Cucchi (picture by Francesco Pizzo)

In Milan, Cucchi pastry shop is a true institution, included in the list of Historical Italian Cafés. It is in the city centre, at the corner of Corso Genova with PiazzaResistenza Partigiana, and it has been the essential meeting point for Milanese people for about 80 years: it has passed through eras, watching each kind of urbanistic and social change and evolution. It still is a cult: founded in 1936 by Luigi Cucchi and his wife Vittorina, it was supposed to be a “caffè concerto” – a recreation place with music and dance until late in the night, together with a service of traditional food catering. Shelled during the Second World War, it  was rebuilt and took its current identity, an intimate and genuine patisserie. It has a vintage allure, and its furniture has been renewed just twice in 1945 and 1954. It hosts a various and numerous range of clients: from managers, habituées of the morning coffee, to children, crowding it in the afternoon, to the lovers of aperitifs. The pastry –shop is still family owned, for the third generation in a row.

10. Pinacoteca di Brera
via Brera, 28 Milan

Wandering around Milan, I often visit this place, imbued with history, in the heart of Brera. In spite of the fact that I’m a frequent visitor, some of its corners still unsettle and fascinate me at the same time. Furthermore, during the week dedicated to the Salone del Mobile, the cold corridors of the Pinacoteca are enlightened
by installations that have always aroused my interest.
Alessandro Dell’Acqua
Creative director N°21

11. Mc Selvini
via Carlo Poerio, 3

I often walk by this shop, an icon retailer in Milan, when you talk about Scandinavian design, which I love, and I go window–shopping for some time. I like Selvini’s mood, offering some elements right from the ‘70s, such as the coconut floor, as well as the selection of pieces they display: both contemporary
and vintage pieces of furniture.
Marco Velardi,
Creative director De Padova

Parco Sempione, illustration by Karin Kellner

12. Parco Sempione
Piazza Sempione

The Sempione Park is located at the heart of the city, and it is one of the most beautiful green spots in Milan. I like very much to have a stroll there together
with my family, especially on Sunday mornings. You are surrounded by nature, there are families with children playing in the open air, and you can feel like you
are in the country, not in the city centre.
Andrea Aprea
Chef VUN at Park Hyatt Milan

13. 100FA
viale Col di Lana, 8

A shop selling furniture and various objects, recovered from not so far ages. From British college closets to the stairs of oldFrench libraries. Claudio
di Sepio, the owner, has repainted an old table-soccer device of the ‘30s, painting the shirts of Milan and Internazionale football teams. It was her Christmas
present, we exchanged it with the one we had bought 3 years ago: a wooden red slide.
Barbara Stefanelli
Deputy editor in chief Corriere della Sera

Pinacoteca di Brera, picture by Francesco Pizzo


14. Cinema Mexico
via Savona, 57

Mexico is one of the most iconic addresses in Milan when you talk about movies. It is famous because it is a Rocky Horror House: it has been showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show, 1975 movie directed by Jim Sharman, for over 30 years. The movie list includes also film d’essai and more recent movies in original language. It has recently osted a exhibition of The Walking Dead, an American TV series that I love, which has been showed at the cinema during a special event.
Stefano Boeri

15. Bar Basso
via Plinio, 39

The place to be in the night in Milan, especially during the week of the Salone del Mobile, yet not only. On the occasion of the design week, furthermore, it is
open until 5 in the morning. An historical place – the Negroni of Bar Basso is incredibly famous – it is wonderful also thanks to its style: they have never
changed any single piece of furniture. It seems like President Pertini could enter any time now. You can think this is quite a predictable place, yet if you don’t spend a night at the Bar Basso during the Salone del Mobile, you cannot say you have lived it properly.
Francesco Mandelli

16. Il Porto
piazzale Cantore

This restaurant offer a great choice of wonderful traditional Italian cuisine based on extremely fresh fish. I’d personally call him “the restaurant of our parents,” given the careful service and cuisine, a kind of restaurant that is now disappearing in a world in which the triumphant ones are those able to disguise medium quality with a sophisticated appearance. At Il Porto, everything is incredible, by the way my perfect formula is: raw fish appetizer (following the fish arrived in the
morning), tagliolini with sea urchins, mixed fired fish. Of course, listen to the various proposals there are every day. A great choice of wines: I prefer Chiarandà
Donnafugata. Nothing to add.
Gianluca Cantaro
Deputy editor in chief L’Uomo Vogue

17. Eurojolly
corso Cristoforo Colombo, 13

Two 25 –heated table rows table rows mark the beat of the biggest pool room in Milan. Together with historical clients playing ‘alla goriziana’ at the end of the room, you will find customers of any ethnic origin and nationality at the pool tables. A particularly appreciated offer is the “table service” allowing you not to lose
attention (and the game). The best nights: Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday.
Edoardo Bonaspetti
Publisher Mousse Magazine

18. Alla Collina Pistoiese
via Amedei, 1

I love this old style restaurant because of its great Italian cuisine that makes me remember my dear grandma’s cuisine.
Valentina Angeloni
Photographer and curator