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About Studio

How this media brand will change starting from 2014

(leggi in italiano)

Here we are in 2014: Studio gets three years old (the first issue in paper version was in March 2011, and went online the following month). As our most faithful readers know, we’ve always thought the right path to follow was the one leading to a strong publishing and cultural brand, reflected in our signature language and high quality. We’ve also wanted to articulate these features where the kind of readers we had chosen, our passionate, experienced and demanding readers, expected us to be.

Studio has so far been published in paper, six issues a year; it has a website,, with remarkable contents uploaded daily; it organizes and runs, at Triennale Milano, a weekend-long event of meetings and parties a year.

From here on, we’ll try to make a little but significant step forward – with the fixed idea we’ve been working on all the time, that is to offer the best service and the best user experience we can. Starting from this issue then, Studio will have both a paper and a digital version (iPad only for the moment); in addition, we are offering Studio abroad, with a targeted and high-quality distribution chain and the possibility to read the most important stories of the issue in English too.
Trying to find the right balance between digital and paper, we created a new equilibrium between these two versions: there will be 4 paper issues a year, while the iPad edition will still have 6 issues (2 digital only issues then).

Let’s sum it up – Studio in 2014 will be:

1– A magazine, 6 issues a year for the iPad edition, 4 issues a year, the richest and most important, for the ‘classic’ paper one.

2– A website, updated daily and continuously developing

3– A live cultural event in the second half of the year.

We think this is really the best solution we can offer.
Please, note that, finally, this new organization allows us to create a full package subscription. Needless to say, our subscribers are the readers we want for building something more and more important and remarkable. Hence, if you like what we create, if you – regularly or occasionally – read us, if you would like to get us on paper but you can’t find the magazine at your news kiosk, if you have an iPad and you haven’t bought a paper magazine for years, if you live abroad and you’ve heard about us without being able to buy the magazine… well, for you all, Studio is now available for almost everyone. The best solution? Subscribe.

You will find our email addresses below: please, tell us what you think. And thank you. |